“Even though I was dressed like my Barbie doll peers, I stuck out, I was the one in white bread Elmhurst who was different—the other. Back then, I felt it every day but singing that song, I blended, harmonized. I could fit in. But that was just a projection I put on the day.”

Tekki explores the way we project our own fears on others. She takes us from eighth grade graduation in 1970 to a pivotal flight after the 911 attacks. 15 minutes in length.

"The Oak Park event for 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change was honored to host Tekki Lomnicki as one of it's distinguished performers. Her performance was both a meditation on universal humanity and a light-hearted look at the perceptions that shape our lives. All those in attendance were touched and inspired by her performance, and many considered it the highlight of their evening."
—Charlie Rossiter, Concert Coordinator

“Tekki had our participants--arts leaders, artists, organizers—from all over the country in the palm of her hand. She is a consummate storyteller and the humor and poignancy with which she conveyed so much in such a brief moment underscored how powerfully artists can foster empathy and address and dispel misperceptions.”   
Pam Korza | Co-director,Animating Democracy | Americans for the Arts

Projections was performed at the 100,000 Poets, Artists and Musicians for Change benefit, Lifeline Theatre’s Fillet of Solo Festival and the Americans for the Arts Art, power and Empowerment: Acting for Cultural Equity preconference.

Perfect for:
Disability Awareness Events
Anti-bullying Workshops
Youth Groups