Deepen your performance piece
drawing from your personal life story


This six-week workshop is for artists, writers and performers with a disability who desire to go beneath the surface to connect with audiences. This class will give you the opportunity to hone your skills, nurture an idea or further develop a work-in-progress. We will focus on using setting, character development, point of view, and music to enhance your piece in a safe and supportive environment. The workshop will culminate in a filmed performance.

What I liked most about this class is that no acting experience was required. I did not have any, but my piece came alive in a few weeks. I felt supported and understood throughout the creation of my work. There is healing in storytelling.
—Lily Diego Alvarez

Tekki Lomnicki is a masterful storyteller! The opportunity to work with her, with other aspiring disabled performers, and to produce crip culture and community was an amazing experience for me. It was fun, meaningful, and I looked forward to every session.
—Terri Thrower

The class gave me confidence as a writer and performer. It also helped me to write about the things I am interested in, in a unique way.
—Rob Rotman

The class will inspire to really dig into who you are and what writing and performing is all about. The best thing about it is that not only do you draw inspiration for writing and performing from your own life story, but also from the influence of the classmates you are surrounded by.
—Molly Wiesman